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Video Game Footage [Testing]

It would appear supports video uploads? I may have been looking in all the wrong places for a gallery of random video game footage. This is the inagural video [test] of video, I was grinding the Excavation

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Sexy I used to sleep without a pillow for many years. I hate foam pillows that much. I'd rather sleep with my head in the dirt than use a foam pillow. Down pillows changed things. I started using a pillow

Lemon Chicken "Fettucchine"

Ingredients * cubed chicken * angel hair pasta * zucchini * yellow/summer squash * salt * pepper * garlic powder * cream cheese * parmesian cheese (the powerdery stuff) * lemon juice * lemon zest Instructions 1. its a skillet meal 2. you know what to do Notes * spices are

More Accessible Gaming Audio

My Concern It's not well known but I have a speech processing issue. I have a really hard time decyphering audio for voice communication. It's so bad I rely on sub titles to watch video content with speech as well