The whole setup described here sitting on a desk

Figure 1: The Setup


  • Added fill light information
  • Added Zoom U-22
  • Added Rhode mic adapter

Microphone, Camera, Headphones, ACTION!

Recently I actually had a need to put together a proper setup for remote work. Specifically I needed a web cam, microphone and decent headphones. Normally I’d just have used my HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset. Unfortunately they have a strange problem where the microphone and headphone wires bleed signal so as I hear things the mic picks up the output and re-sends it as my own.

Clearly an issue.

Enter a great, portable alternative.

Since photography is one of my bigger hobbies I ended up re-purposing some of the photography kit for a remote work setup. I used my existing Logitech C920 webcam with my Rhode VideoMicro microphone as input devices and I used (initially) a NextDrive Spectra DAC and Shure SE215 headphones.

I snapped everything together with a Platypod Max tripod, goosenecks and some SmallRig gear that allows the setup to be easily disassembled and re-assembled wherever I want to work.

This has proven to be an amazing setup for me and I do not regret putting it all together.

I also love the flexibility of swapping any individual component out while retaining the utility of the other components.

See the picture for what this looks like and the links below for the various pieces and parts I snapped together for the build.

If nothing else, you don’t need an ‘all in one’ solution. Sometimes snapping a number of pieces together is all it takes to get up and running in a great way.

Fill Lights and USB Microphone Interface

As of late 2023 I found myself in need of some fill lights as my desk moved to a darker environment with the webcam basically aimed at a window that’s directly behind where I sit.

I’ve been very happy with the fill lights and have included a link in the products section for those that may need fill lighting. They can be ‘bright’ like looking into a spotlight but I was able to find a brightness setting that kept my eyes from screaming in pain while also providing enough fill to ensure my face can be seen without shadow.

I’ve also updated the products section to include the USB interface I use with the microphone as well as the XLR adapter I used with the mic for a more complete breakdown of my setup.

Products Used For Build

Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
Zoom U-22 (For mic, use a TRRS -> XLR adapter with the mic)
Rhode VideoMicro Microphone
Rhode VXLR+ adapter
Fill Lights
FiiO (DACs and more for headphones)
NextDrive Spectra DAC (for headphones)
Platypod Max
Platypod Gooseneck
SmallRig Universal Cable Clamp (BSC2333)
SmallRig Shotgun Microphone Holder (BSM2352)
SmallRig Cold Shoe to 1/4" Threaded Adapter (761)
SmallRig Quick Release Safety Rail (1409)
SmallRig NATO Clamp (1885)

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