Getting Organized via Evolution

Over the years my preferences for writing supplies have been pretty consistent. Acid free papers, archive rated inks, extra fine nibs and the like.

For about 2-3 years I stopped writing much of anything, even my notes, ideas and journal entries. Not for lack of trying, but for lack of desire and mood and the folly of having a number of options to choose from.

After a few too many false starts it turns out 'choice' was my largest problem and what was holding me back with my journal. Without my journal being opened regularly, everything else falls by the wayside and I stop writing for the most part. An interesting discovery I figured out while journaling and reflecting on my writing habits. The irony of this is not lost on me.

Turns out I have quite a few supplies that I rarely use due to some shifting preferences and changing needs. Given I skew towards minimalism and utilitarian in my approach to daily life, I was having a hard time journaling and writing due to the number of choices and my distaste for letting good supplies sit unused. After over 2 years it became too much for my monkey brain and I just shutdown and avoided the 'problem' when it came to regularly writing. It's an enviable problem to have, I'm aware. However, it doesn't do me, or anyone else, good in the long run.

Lately I have forced myself to rethink and reapproach the problem of choice. I reviewed my supplies, refreshed my memory on some of these ink properties and consciously limited my options to supplies that fit within the most constraining set of parameters I have as preferences.

Turns out that got me past a large hurdle and I am more willing to pick up my pen and journal regularly.

Problem Solved?


Give Away!

I now have a new problem : I have really great writing supplies that I need to actively ignore if I want to keep up my journal and other writing habits. AKA the things that help me keep on top of daily life and headspace organized. Never mind I really loathe and hate having good supplies sit on my shelf left to collect dust and/or go bad over time.

Because I don't want any of the supplies to go bad or go to waste, I'm opening up a give away.

I'm giving away all of my writing supplies that are a distraction and not part of my core preferences/desires/etc.

ALL of the supplies are in excellent condition and in need of a good home.

Everything listed below is available for the cost of shipping. All I ask is you put the supplies to use. I bought and used all of thes supplies and my intent is for them to go to a human who will actually put them to use.

If you're interested, please use the contact form on this website or send me a direct message on ActivityPub or Twitter (links in the site footer/header). I'll work with you to arrange shipping details, take payment for shipping and once the supplies are shipped I'll send tracking information.

Items are first come first served and I reserve the right to refuse giving away to any individual.

The List