One Month Later

It's been just short of a month since I started using Sloppy Soap (link) daily and a few weeks since I started using it all over my body. Face, chest, ass, feet, arm pits. The works. Pretty or gross, I rub their soap without boundary or shame.

Last Week

Something 'clicked' last week. It's Winter here and very dry and cold. More so than usual for this time of year. Whenever the weather is like this my skin gets dry, I itch all over, my knuckles crack + bleed and my feet get a kind of clammy that won't go away. This is something I've dealt with my entire adult life.

Yep, it's that good

This year? NOPE. No dry skin, my knuckles look mostly normal (that's a big win) and my feet feel fresh all damned day.

Seriously: I've had bloody knuckles in the winter for 20+ years and my feet, well... they are just gross.


Think on that.


Gone, over, kaput, no more!

The worst areas of my body for skin health are normal.

Holy 💩!

It Stars With A Lark

On a lark I bought some all natural, non-additive soap that's made by a true artisan. An artisan who cares, takes soap more seriously than Ivory or Dove and actually knows what the hell they are doing.

That would be Sloppy Soap (link) if not incredibly obvious at this point.

Nutter Butters, Yummy

If I met the fine people behind Sloppy Soap on the street a year ago I would have been really worried about how intense they view soap.

After trying the product for a month? Not so much, I'll wear the Soap Hat, get on the Soap Box and proselytize their product myself.

[Editors Note: I do this because I give a damn. I signed up of my own volition.]

Giving a Damn

I actually care about soap now. I even pay attention to how a given soap works for different areas of my body/skin. Because of this, I went back and did some more testing for fun. Turns out I really do need/want to use 3 of their soaps. 4 if you count the product I'm testing.

[Editors Note: Scooty: 💖 it, looking forward to an official release]

What I'm Using

Not much has changed since my last post. I'm using 3 soaps daily (4 with super secret beta testing).

Soap 1: Cobalt Beach Glass

I rub this all over to get clean in the shower. It's a full body experience. Smells great, lathers good, slip is just right.

This is the soap I use most.

Soap 2: Naked Charcoal

😎 This is perfect for the nastiest areas of the body. Arm pits, ass, feet. Clean feels and a fresh scent that's so mild it goes away in 30 minutes.

This has done wonders for my feet in particular. They feel fresh all day. This is a first in my life and probably the simplest, yet most exciting thing that I've experienced with personal grooming.

Soap 3: Naked Pink and Gray

Hand soap, face soap and shaving cream. This is perfect for sensitive skin (my hands in winter and face). Zero scent, leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean. A huge bonus is your hands won't smell of some goofy scent all day. They'll just be your hands. Strange at first but really nice after you adjust. You'll never want to use a scented hand soap again. That and the moisturizing aspects are like putting a small amount of lotion on every time you wash your hands. That's like a free desert at a fancy restaurant, you will enjoy.

Has great lather too, even if it diminishes 'quickly'. A slip that's perfect for shaving your legs, face, crotch, whatever. Lather up (you may need to do it more than once) and tame the jungle.

Artisanal Soap Bullshit

Now that I've worked through my excitement it's time to get on a bigger soap box.

Watch out for 'Artisanal Soaps' that are becoming more common. They are not special and they are not universal or safe for your face. There are a lot of soaps being hawked as 'artisanal' yet they contain titanium dioxide and other chemicals. Chemicals used to 'melt' pre-bought soap stock so color/scent/'artisanal mojo' can be added with very little change to the fundamental composition. Basically polluting a perfectly simple soap stock so it can be branded 'artisanal'. That's a hell of a lot of nope.

I was linked a site selling 'artisanal soap' and the first thing I noticed were a whole bunch of chemicals that I wasn't familiar with. Some research and it was clear they are buying stock and tweaking it creatively to make it 'artisanal'. Bullshit. That's not artisanal, that's fucking around with smells.

'But it has oatmeal!' you say.

Bullshit I say. Just because someone bought steel cut oats and dumped them into liquified soap stock does not make it special. It just means they had the gall to try something slightly off center.

These 'artisanal soaps' are not the same as what Sloppy Soap produces.

Cult Leaders

Find the person that could create a cult around soap. Buy from them. The obsession that borders on having their own cult is important. It means they care deeply. More than you or I will ever understand.

Accept No Substitutes

Sloppy Soap (link) is UNIVERSAL soap. Hands, face, feet, ass, head, shoulders, knees, toes. Batteries are included.

Sloppy Soap prides themselves on producing a natural soap that's simple, safe for the whole body and does the job. It's not 'artisanal' in the mainstream sense. It's Artisanal because they care enough to produce a simple, elegant and useful product. It does what it purports to do without excessive bullshit.

Accept no substitutes.