Yes, soap. Sloppy Soap (link) in particular. Someone I follow on 'the socials' posted about this artisan soap company and I couldn't resist. After using their fine products for a month, it's time to put my thoughts to words.

You want this

To be blunt: you want to buy a bar, or two, or ten. Seriously. I've already bought more based on my initial purchase of a few different bars.

These people do NOT screw around. I've had the opportunity, nay, pleasure of talking with a principle of the company and... they are very serious about their product. I hesitate to call them 'fanatics' but they are darn close. I really appreciate it when people are very focused on making a great product at a sane price. That's a quick way to make me a forever customer, especially if you're selling something I think I should have in my life.



I think it's pretty clear that my overall impression could be described as 'beyond impressed'. There are a lot of jackasses in the artisanal space and the Sloppy Soap folks are the opposite. They take pride, respond to questions and genuinely care about their products. That alone has me very excited and coming back for more.


The website may be a template e-commerce site but the product is a quality, high-end, well priced bar of soap.

I say the above because I'm giving Sloppy Soap a pass on their website. It's not the best I've used, not the worst and not all that great overall. They do make it easy for me to find a product, get info and checkout. They clear the usual bar I set for e-commerce.

One thing I'll note: some of the descriptions may have 'scent of lemon' or similar. What they really mean is 'a very slight, lemony citrus'. I bought at least one bar with 'lemon' in the description and it smells like citrus derived from lemon. It does NOT smell like a lemon was squeezed into the bar. I promise it's misleading.

[Editors note: they were contacted and clarifications suggested]


The packaging of the soaps are very basic: shrink wrapped and simple paper labels. They were packed well in the shipping box and it was pretty obvious what was what (they are labeled after all). The shrink wrap was easy to open to. Frustration free packaging if you will.

I really like the simplicity: no fancy, over the top waste with these soaps. I'm tempted to go on but I think enough letters have been used.

The Soap

I could write a ton of words about how much I like every Sloppy Soap I've used to date. I could swoon and adjective all day long if I had the time. I'm sure you don't so I'll keep it brief.

  • The soaps lather as good as a body wash
  • The soaps last awhile, you're not going through a bar super fast
  • The soaps smell wonderful
  • The soaps do leave a scent on your skin. It's subtle and lasts longer than I expected
  • The naked soaps are truly naked. No Scent. Period
  • When they say they are good for the skin, they don't lie. My skin felt better after a few days and much better after a week
  • The soaps do NOT stain. My wash cloth looks the same even though I use a bar of Naked Charcoal daily
    • [Editors note: this is a hot button for them, they believe soap should be universally usable on the body, no special BS for your face or hands]

What I Use

In the following sections I'll outline the soaps that I ended up settling into as my preferred.

Full Disclosure

I like 'bright', 'fresh', 'water' style scents. Think a fresh rain, the beach, being out on a boat on a fresh water lake. Those sorts of scents. If I can't have that kind of scent, I opt for no scent. Keep that in mind while reading through.

There are other scents that should be 'up your alley' and I recommend all of their soaps. Pick the one that fits your inner desires best.


While I'm naked under the hot shower I prefer Cobalt Beach Glass (link). It smells like the beach and hits on everything I like in a scent. It isn't over the top and I walk around subtly smelling like the beach. I love it.

The slip/lather/clean/moisturizing factor is also far better than anything I've used to date. I feel clean without the chemical funk that's endemic with modern soaps and body washes.

Hands / Face

A bit of pretext and background: I have a habit of resting my chin on my hands and I have a really sensitive olfactory sense (nose). I can always smell whatever scent a soap leaves behind on my hands and face. I can smell it for hours and hours and hours. Drives me up the wall.

Because of this sensitivity I've come to prefer non scented soap for my hands/face. Naked Pink and Gray (link) has great lather, good slip and leaves behind no trace of scent. It's 100% neutral and feels damn nice.

Seriously: my hands/face feel clean but nothing else. No super dry and chapped skin, no stank of soap invading my nose or anything else. Where was this all my life?!?


So I have funky feet. They sweat. A LOT. Whenever I take my shoes off I leave footprints across the floor. I drink extra water and sports drinks in the warm months because of how bad it gets. Gross, I know. Genetics did me no favors here.

Because of this I care about what soap I'm using and how it feels. I also really don't want scented soap if I can help it. Nothing like funky feet mixing with some 'bright' scent. That's a recipe for 'ewwwwwwwwwww'.

I settled into Naked Charcoal (link) for my feet. It lathers great, has a mild grit and the 'scent of mint' is so subtle it's not an issue or really noticeable. I've been using Naked Charcoal on my feet for a couple weeks and they've never felt better.

They feel clean, feel refreshed and are less prone to 'stink' from the sweat. It's like using unscented, pumice based soap without the excess grit.


I do shave portions of my body. I'd like to say there is a shave cream offered by Sloppy Soap but that's not the case [yet]. I reached out to them asking about shave cream and they suggested an alternative. One that harkens back to 'ye olden days' but is wonderfully effective and cuts down on my bathroom counter 'crap'.

They suggested I run my razor very lightly over my preferred soap and give it a shot. They claimed it'd be super smooth and feel great. They did not lie. I tried this and was thrilled.

I also tweaked the idea. I lathered up a bar and smeared it all over my stubble. Kind of a 'poor persons shave cream'. Took a razor to the stubble and... HOLY CRAP! This is the approach for me. Lather up some soap, rub it all over and then take a safety razor to things. Freaking awesome.

I doubt I'll ever buy a can of shave cream again. Naked Pink and Gray (link) lathers perfect, hydrates, has fantastic slip for a razor and doesn't leave my skin feeling all raw and dried out. I'll probably buy a shave brush + bowl at some point to make the process even more old timey. This approach is what shaving your bits should feel like. WONDERFUL.


As a final thought: buy some on a whim. You'll be happy.

I know I plan on being sloppy for as long as these guys exist.