Leaving Lightroom

Preamble This post is a narrative of my journey away from Adobe Lightroom Classic and CC to other applications and photography workflows. There will be no specific details given, just the ‘big picture’. The specifics of my workflows are tuned for the way I think, I strongly urge you to tune things laid out below to your specific needs, not mine. Background In October 2015… I became an amateur photographer. My Significant Other had talked me into visiting an abandoned golf course that was slowly rebuilt as housing and the course itself wasn’t fully gone, just left with minimal upkeep where they didn’t build housing. [Read More]

ez Share SD Card Mini Review

I bought an ez Share sd card (link) recently. The 32gb model (its white with orange and gray text) from a reseller on ali express to be specific. It’s been an intersting sd card to play with and deserves some attention. Before I go into what ive found so far with this card… BE CAREFUL AS IT MAY NOT WORK AT ALL The docs for the card have a very specific camera support chart and even the first camera I tried requires the camera to be powered via usb before it’ll provide the sd card enough power to work. [Read More]

Paper Shoot Camera (A Review)

Figure 1: My Papershoot Camera Kit A Short Review I managed to get my hands on a Paper Shot Camera (links below) for the holidays and I’m impressed. Enough I felt compelled to put this post together. Before getting too deep it should be stated that I am not a professional photographer but I do maintain a portfolio at https://kemonine.photography with pictures for sale as well as for free download. [Read More]