3 years ago I stopped writing. I used to keep a journal, write blog posts on paper and I even dabbled in Zentangle and coloring. That was all lost right about the time I found an interesting technical project that went nowhere. Right after that project failed I embarked on a different path in tech. That path lead to the Lollipop Cloud. A project I worked on for over 2 years and am incredibly proud of. Sadly I had to shutter the Lollipop Cloud project for a number of reasons.

As I was cleaning up the other day I rediscovered my clipboard with my old writing notes still attached. Notes that cover a variety of ideas for blog posts and expansions on how I came to my writing supply preferences.

I think the universe is onto something and my hope is to follow up on and expand these ideas and more over time.

Hopefully you can expect some Writing About Writing posts to pop up over time.

I forgot how much I've missed writing and my analog supplies...