I’ve never hid the fact I try to make my ‘stuff’ accessible for folks. It’s A Thing for me and I’ve spent considerable time working on this blog to maximize it’s utility and accessibility.

I should be in generally good shape overall and I wanted to share a few links for how I pulled this off.

I ran ARC Toolkit (link) as my first pass with WAVE (link) as a second pass. I also looked at axe (link) but have not run it locally yet. These tools seem to give good results on the whole and will cover the core needs from what I can figure out so far.

https://accessibilitytest.org is also a really good test site that uses the tools in the previous paragraph and others as a form of fundamental accessibility test.

I also plan to look into pa11y (link) as it seems to do most of what the others can do but in a more automated fashion that could be good for me long term.

That’s it, real ’easy’. Not unsurprisingly the devil is in the details for this stuff.

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