The pacsave Vibe 150 (product page) is a sling bag setup similar to a messenger bag but very small, only 2.5L in usable storage.

I’ve had it for awhile and it has proven to be the best shoulder bag I’ve used to date as an EDC. When I’m headed out for the day I can carry all my essentials in the bag without any real hassles or worries. It’s displaced my Timbuk2 bag as well as a ThinkTank belt pouch I’ve used heavily in the past.

I can get all of the below into the bag comfortably, even if there isn’t much room left for ‘more’.

  • EDC notebook, pen, pencil
  • Sony RX100 camera plus accessories
  • Mask
  • Keys
  • Multi-tool
  • Emergency meds
  • Battery pack
  • Phone
  • Wallet

That’s everything I could need or want day to day and if I need more storage I have a custom Timbuk2 small messenger bag with 11L of space. Enough for everything I keep in the Vibe 150, laptop (or equivalent) and more.

The Vibe 150 bag itself, beyond being the proper EDC size for me, is well constructed and reminds me of how the Timbuk2 bags are built. This bag should survive a bit of rough use and I get the sense it’s just as durable as my military grade cordura 1000 back packs. The anti-theft features are also really nice, you’re not getting into this bag without me noticing which is helpful when traveling or in new environments.

I’ve been using this bag as my primary since I received it and have zero regrets. If you’re looking for a small shoulder bag, this is definitely worth considering.

I tried to come up with more but it really is a simple one this time: if you want a small shoulder bag for EDC duty, this is definitely an item to consider.

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