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Younger Days infant head injury with 11 stitches fell onto sippy cup right between eyes on bridge of nose – no stitches age 3-7 (ish) chronic ear aches affecting balance adenoids removed to solve issue tinnitus starts (no memory of a time without it present) age 5 broken left humerus just above elbow age 10-12 golf club to left eye – 4 stitches 3rd grade [left?] knee smashed bench – bruised patella, 4 stitches Teens 1998 lower gi issues become an ‘actual problem’ – regularly problematic 2001 bike accident – 7 shattered teeth, 32 stitches, severely sprained jaw 2002 17" crt tv smashes head – concussion watch adult cinnamon allergy – deadly allergic (genetic) first alcoholism begins tea addiction 2003 quit alcohol (sober) quit tea tobacco addiction mt dew addiction 20’s 2005 mono / epstein barr 2007 gastritis diagnosis hiatel hernia diagnosis gerd diagnosis start ppi for acid reflux 2009 quit mt dew addiction – hypoglycemic for a year coffee addiction 30’s 2013 alcoholism restarts 2014 quit tobacco – switch to e-cigarette / vaporizer reduce coffee to 1-2 cups per day 2015-2016 blackout from pain/panic gastritis diagnosis general anxiety disorder diagnosis gerd diagnosis hiatel hernia diagnosis start SSRI 2019 stop therapy due to “life” and many outside factors 2021/01 lower gi issues worsen upper gi issues start being noticeable 2021/04 hyperlipidemia diagnosis + new medication layout 2021/06 quit alcohol cold turkey 2021/08 upper gi pain becomes A Problem resume therapy find new head medication prescriber 2021/10/01 blackout event massive pain event massive panic event 1 week unable to eat any food (not even liquids) 1 week unable to eat solid food 1 week weaning back onto solid food 30lbs weight loss 2021/10 regular convulsing starts ; full body and a persistent tremor in the right arm stops driving unless an emergency 2021/11 titrate onto CalmAid lavendar supplement receive medical marijuana card for pain, anxiety, ptsd, trauma management – changes life for the better 2021/12 lower gi issues go away titrate off SSRI – went crazy for weeks once ‘off’ medication 20lbs weight loss (50 total) 2022/01 suicide ideation due to chronic pain therapist/psych insist i force the issue with physical health doctors – use the word ‘gas lighting’ to describe what im being told regarding chest pain (upper gi issues) start exploring pain response – discover its atypical (similar to father) start b12 supplement which stabilizes energy and circadian rhythm for the first time ever 2022/04 see GP doctor for pain problem, insisting its NOT ‘in my head’ – they start testing after months of gas lighting 2022/06 receive referral to Mind Institute to ensure no physical brain issue 2022/08 get smashed in head by ceiling fan, 4 stitches Mind Institute doesnt see issue ; also gaslights me hard about ‘pain is in your head’ (it’s not) 2022/10 fight with GP enough to get referral for endoscopy 2022/12 collapse in pain due to chest pain, end up in ER in shock – lidacane + mayloxx + 0. [Read More]

Serious safety that somehow manages to look pretty 🤘

Background I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into Shibari and related topics. Someone accidentally helped me unlock the world of rope such that I can get my head around it in a manner that’s safe. Previously, for personal reasons I don’t plan to share publicly, I could not engage with this topic beyond “that’s certainly interesting but not for me”. Over the years I’ve gotten to know a good number of kinksters and someone who’s eligible to be certified as a rigger at their local, well known dungeon. [Read More]