Younger Days

  • head injury with 11 stitches
  • fell onto sippy cup right between eyes on bridge of nose – no stitches
age 3-7 (ish)
  • chronic ear aches affecting balance
  • adenoids removed to solve issue
  • tinnitus starts (no memory of a time without it present)
age 5
  • broken left humerus just above elbow
age 10-12
  • golf club to left eye – 4 stitches
3rd grade
  • [left?] knee smashed bench – bruised patella, 4 stitches


  • lower gi issues become an ‘actual problem’ – regularly problematic
  • bike accident – 7 shattered teeth, 32 stitches, severely sprained jaw
  • 17" crt tv smashes head – concussion watch
  • adult cinnamon allergy – deadly allergic (genetic)
  • first alcoholism begins
  • tea addiction
  • quit alcohol (sober)
  • quit tea
  • tobacco addiction
  • mt dew addiction


  • mono / epstein barr
  • gastritis diagnosis
  • hiatel hernia diagnosis
  • gerd diagnosis
  • start ppi for acid reflux
  • quit mt dew addiction – hypoglycemic for a year
  • coffee addiction


  • alcoholism restarts
  • quit tobacco – switch to e-cigarette / vaporizer
  • reduce coffee to 1-2 cups per day
  • blackout from pain/panic
  • gastritis diagnosis
  • general anxiety disorder diagnosis
  • gerd diagnosis
  • hiatel hernia diagnosis
  • start SSRI
  • stop therapy due to “life” and many outside factors
  • lower gi issues worsen
  • upper gi issues start being noticeable
  • hyperlipidemia diagnosis + new medication layout
  • quit alcohol cold turkey
  • upper gi pain becomes A Problem
  • resume therapy
  • find new head medication prescriber
  • blackout event
  • massive pain event
  • massive panic event
  • 1 week unable to eat any food (not even liquids)
  • 1 week unable to eat solid food
  • 1 week weaning back onto solid food
  • 30lbs weight loss
  • regular convulsing starts ; full body and a persistent tremor in the right arm
  • stops driving unless an emergency
  • titrate onto CalmAid lavendar supplement
  • receive medical marijuana card for pain, anxiety, ptsd, trauma management – changes life for the better
  • lower gi issues go away
  • titrate off SSRI – went crazy for weeks once ‘off’ medication
  • 20lbs weight loss (50 total)
  • suicide ideation due to chronic pain
  • therapist/psych insist i force the issue with physical health doctors – use the word ‘gas lighting’ to describe what im being told regarding chest pain (upper gi issues)
  • start exploring pain response – discover its atypical (similar to father)
  • start b12 supplement which stabilizes energy and circadian rhythm for the first time ever
  • see GP doctor for pain problem, insisting its NOT ‘in my head’ – they start testing after months of gas lighting
  • receive referral to Mind Institute to ensure no physical brain issue
  • get smashed in head by ceiling fan, 4 stitches
  • Mind Institute doesnt see issue ; also gaslights me hard about ‘pain is in your head’ (it’s not)
  • fight with GP enough to get referral for endoscopy
  • collapse in pain due to chest pain, end up in ER in shock – lidacane + mayloxx + 0.5mg atavan (benzo) solves problem
  • have endoscopy, receive gastritis diagnosis (again!) – h. pilori test ordered
  • h. pilori test is negative, stomach emptying test ordered
  • while waiting for stomach emptying test, collapse in pain due to chest pain, end up in ER in shock for the 2nd time, receive referral to GI specialist
  • gi specialist wants stomach emptying study and celiac test ; prescribes fdgard to help manage pain
  • collapse in pain prior to emptying test, have to cancel (this is the 2nd time)
  • collapse again in pain trying to prep for stomach emptying test (this is the 3rd time)
  • start taking a beta blocker to help reduce my convulsing (likely adrenaline/ptsd issue) and it works
  • my arm stops shaking non stop for the first time since 2022/10
  • full body shakes still present but far more mild
  • start treatment for eating avoidance due to pain/prior health issues
  • start treatment for trauma so an emptying test can be performed
  • ptsd/trauma response to emptying test (in general)
  • start process of figuring out next steps given the stomach emptying test is a non-option
  • injure shoulder and discover nsaid’s help with daily health issues
  • start regular ibprofeun doses
  • work on stabilizing health
  • start investigating fibro as physical health problem
  • referral to rhumetologist
  • GP agrees likely not stomach, something affecting stomach
  • GP does not rule out fibro and similar
  • rhumetologist suggested fibro as likely cause
  • rhumetologist gave ‘benign’ hyper mobility diagnosis
  • primary raynaud’s diagnosis
  • a hypermobility / connective tissue disorder may explain what fibro cannot
  • nsaid has further reduced anxiety levels and adrenaline levels
  • discontinued beta blocker due to nsaid addressing key sources of anxiety/adrenaline response
  • official fibromyalsia diagnosis
  • nicotine cessation process starting
  • welbutrin for nicotine cessation and to buffer AuDHD tendencies
  • further investigation of upper GI issues with med changes to hopefully help
  • planned (for the future) investigation of blood sugar as i may be suffering hypoglycemia
Current problem list
  • gerd / chronic gastritis
  • hyper lipidemia
  • fibromyalsia (with fatigue concerns)
  • hypermobility / connective tissue issues
  • autism
  • adhd
Current treatment
  • meds for hyperlipidemia
  • ppi for gerd/gastritis
  • b12 for energy/sleep schedule
  • calm aid for lower gi and anxiety issues
  • nsaid (pain/inflammation/etc)
  • welbutrin (AuDHD / nicotine cessation needs)