Color Palates

For an auto generator see

Crayola Colors (link)

A grid of boxes showing most of the Crayola colors and their color values

Figure 1: Crayola Colors

Color Wheel (link)

A color wheel with primary, secondary and intermediate colors noted

Figure 2: Color Wheel

Digital Coloring and Drawing

Figure 1: An in-progress coloring page Analog? Yes, I tagged this post Analog despite the topic being digital. [Edited 2022-11-13 to make tags more consistent with updated site tags] I’ve spent a long time staring at my sketchbook and wanting to draw and color but… my desk situation is such that I’d have to spend at least 5 minutes getting it cleared enough for drawing/coloring, then I’d have to put it back the way it was so I could type when I was done, I’d have to turn on the light at night (I like dark). [Read More]