I wish they didn’t but the unfortunate truth is that tools do matter. It doesn’t matter what discipline we frame this up within. Tools Matter. QED, EOF, return 0.

I bring this up because a lovely human I know via the internet voiced their distaste for writing recently.

After talking to them for awhile it seemed like the tools they were using were less than the best for their needs and writing style. I sent them some links and they actually seemed excited for the prospect of reducing their distaste for writing.

Like a hammer, there are all kinds of writing supplies, tools and more.

Like a hammer, picking the right form of the tool is important.

If you find yourself not liking ‘something’ that has a tool component… it may be the time to do some digging for different tools to get the job done.

As a wise human once said ‘opinions are like assholes, everyone has one’.

I have my tool opinions, I know which work best for me under different circumstances.

It’s not easy finding the best tools for oneself but it can be done.

I hope you can find your favorite tools for the toolbox.

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