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Figure 1: The Kit Full Disclosure I am NOT paid or affiliated with any of the productions linked/mentioned/etc in this post. I did NOT receive review units, perks or any contact from these companies ahead of writing this post. If you work for one of the companies who’s product I mention below, feel free to reach out. Just be warned I deal in honesty and not paid shilling. Shit product, shit review is my Modus Operandi. [Read More]

Organizers [Universally Stink]

Good Intention, Failure Imminent I intended to write a post about all the systems and ideas I’ve tried over the years. Instead it was more appropriate to call bullshit and tell you it’s a brain wiring problem and until you find something that ‘clicks’ it’ll just be failure after failure and soul crushing. This post is meant to inspire you to think about organization systems and let you know that you’re not alone with this topic. [Read More]

IPFS | Data Persistence For Web Content

What Is IPFS? IPFS (link) is a distributed filesystem. It’s basically a peer to peer, global storage engine that allows content to be stored and cached globally. Think of a large website like Amazon that stores copies of their files in multiple locations all over the globe. IPFS does something similar and can be used by anyone, not just one of the largest companies on the planet. This allows your content to be served by a globally distributed network and without having to run a massive amount of your own server infrastructure. [Read More]

Pocket Notebooks and Every Day Carries

Forward Let’s get this out of the way up front, shall we? There is a ton of information on how to build an EDC (every day carry) notebook setup on the internet. Like most things on the internet it’s not all great info and more than a few holy wars can be encountered. I’m a programmer by day and enjoy analog writing as a hobby. To say I’ve seen the holy wars erupt and turn decent people into toxic mushrooms feeding on feces would be understatement. [Read More]

FiiO F9 Pro Mini Review

Figure 1: What I Bought In short : I could have bought the FiiO F9 Pro’s instead of the Shure SE215’s. I recently had both of my Shure ear bud / in ear monitor setups break on me. To say I was a bit pissed off is great understatement. Thankfully they are within the warranty period and I shouldn’t have to pay for fixes. I’ll be posting about that later hopefully. [Read More]

Satisfactory (A Game Review)

Figure 1: A screenshot of my day to day factory Full Disclosure I am not affiliated with any company, website, organization or similar behind the items in this post. I found the game Satisfactory through my Steam recommendation queue, thought it was worth trying and ended up playing it for a week. This post contains my personal thoughts and impressions. Just a human with some thoughts to share that are raw, uncut and outside influence free. [Read More]

Interesting, if not odd, Discoveries

Figure 1: All of the interesting discoveries Forward It’s been many, many solar cycles since I found myself embarking upon the analog writing path. During these cycles I have managed to dial in my preferences and have found many supplies I may not like much but are great recommendations for others. I’ve also encountered some odd supplies that are worth calling attention towards. Without further adoo, time to explore some of the most noteworthy oddities I’ve found to date. [Read More]

Tamoe River Redux

Figure 1: The Test I’ve never kept my love of Tamoe River Paper (link) a secret. I’d have posted about it specifically but I’ve never really had anything to say beyond an ultra mini review of ‘This stuff is AMAZING, BUY NOW’. It’s the perfect loose leaf paper: cheap, thin, easy to work with and translucent. It doesn’t do great with wet inks or pens, but I’m ok with that. [Read More]

Wireguard Saves The Day

Figure 1: The Hardware Let’s Set The Mood Lately I’ve been getting into more video games. I happen to prefer co-op video gaming with friends. I’m also a big fan of first person perspective games. There is one game in particular that’s been nothing but problematic for myself and my core group of friends that play co-op games with each other. We do the whole ‘just a few of us who are in it for fun’ gaming and prefer to have something that doesn’t require a hell of a lot of thought. [Read More]
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The Noun Project

The Noun Project (link) is one of those rare websites that’s simple, useful and full of good stuff. I’d have written a super long post extolling how much I like this site and have used it over the last few years but I think I can condense it to a few sentences. ALL of the icons I’ve ever needed exist on their site, they have a great ‘Pro’ licensing scheme that won’t break the bank and you’d be hard pressed to find something missing from their catalog. [Read More]