Monteverde Tool Pen (Grumpy Opinion Within)

Figure 1: The Pen I recently picked up a Monteverde USA Tool Pen Inkball (link). The pen is, uh. One of the worst pens I’ve laid hands on I cracked the box open, discovered there were no ink cartridges or adapters and… it didn’t get better once I ordered a converter and some standard international mini ink cartridges. NOTHING I’ve tried for ink cartridges or adapters fits in this pen. [Read More]

Tools Matter

I wish they didn’t but the unfortunate truth is that tools do matter. It doesn’t matter what discipline we frame this up within. Tools Matter. QED, EOF, return 0. I bring this up because a lovely human I know via the internet voiced their distaste for writing recently. After talking to them for awhile it seemed like the tools they were using were less than the best for their needs and writing style. [Read More]

Small shops, makers and artisans

Analog Fun Lately I’ve been heavily focused on all things analog. Writing supplies (pen/paper/pencil), shaving hardware, belts, jewelry, etc. It’s been a very fun journey but along the way I realized something that may not be obvious : the ‘mass market’ effect is real and tends not to produce ‘high quality’ goods anymore. ‘Unique’ is also becoming an oxymoron. Mass Market / Mass Production I can go to Amazon, Google, others and do a search for something like, say, a ‘razor’ and a nice, very long list of products will materialize from thin air. [Read More]