Not going to lie : I have a few bad habits.

I’m trying to break them but lack a good ‘visual cue’ for how often I succumb and how bad/good I’m doing.

Whilst poking about the ’tubes the other day I stumbled across Habit Trackers for Bullet Journals (BuJo).

After noodling it for a bit I realized you could make an ANTI BAD Habit BuJo spread.

Behold! The Anti Bad Habit BuJo

The anti-bad habit notebook with an example day filled out

Figure 1: The Anti Bad Habit Notebook

After talking with many people, it seems having a visual cue for how often you’re doing something helps. Same goes for goofy additions (see the red in the above image) that reinforce the positive.

Time to see if this can help me. Feel free to adapt this as you see fit. #+end_src

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