Wireguard Saves The Day

Figure 1: The Hardware Let’s Set The Mood Lately I’ve been getting into more video games. I happen to prefer co-op video gaming with friends. I’m also a big fan of first person perspective games. There is one game in particular that’s been nothing but problematic for myself and my core group of friends that play co-op games with each other. We do the whole ‘just a few of us who are in it for fun’ gaming and prefer to have something that doesn’t require a hell of a lot of thought. [Read More]
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The Noun Project

The Noun Project (link) is one of those rare websites that’s simple, useful and full of good stuff. I’d have written a super long post extolling how much I like this site and have used it over the last few years but I think I can condense it to a few sentences. ALL of the icons I’ve ever needed exist on their site, they have a great ‘Pro’ licensing scheme that won’t break the bank and you’d be hard pressed to find something missing from their catalog. [Read More]

Remote Office Fun

Figure 1: The Setup Changelog 2024-01-06 Added fill light information Added Zoom U-22 Added Rhode mic adapter Microphone, Camera, Headphones, ACTION! Recently I actually had a need to put together a proper setup for remote work. Specifically I needed a web cam, microphone and decent headphones. Normally I’d just have used my HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset. Unfortunately they have a strange problem where the microphone and headphone wires bleed signal so as I hear things the mic picks up the output and re-sends it as my own. [Read More]

Waterproof Writing

Figure 1: Waterproof Kit Why? I spend a lot of time outdoors. I may be a geek/nerd but I like being outdoors and actually spend time outside. One thing that rarely stops me is the weather. Because of this I can end up outside in the rain or during a blizzard. This is a big reason I only buy archive grade and water resistant inks and papers. I’m also “me” and I’m usually good for rising to “hold my beer” moments that won’t result in another trip to the hospital trauma ward. [Read More]

Monteverde Tool Pen (Grumpy Opinion Within)

Figure 1: The Pen I recently picked up a Monteverde USA Tool Pen Inkball (link). The pen is, uh. One of the worst pens I’ve laid hands on I cracked the box open, discovered there were no ink cartridges or adapters and… it didn’t get better once I ordered a converter and some standard international mini ink cartridges. NOTHING I’ve tried for ink cartridges or adapters fits in this pen. [Read More]

Tools Matter

I wish they didn’t but the unfortunate truth is that tools do matter. It doesn’t matter what discipline we frame this up within. Tools Matter. QED, EOF, return 0. I bring this up because a lovely human I know via the internet voiced their distaste for writing recently. After talking to them for awhile it seemed like the tools they were using were less than the best for their needs and writing style. [Read More]

American Cursive Handwriting Mini Review

The [work]book ‘American Cursive Handwriting’ by Michael Sull (Goodreads Link) is an interesting ‘read’. I picked up a copy years ago when I first started getting interested in writing. I was looking for ways to slow down, think and better remember things. After I entered the world of analog writing it quickly became clear it helped me on too many levels to properly enumerate here. The biggest problem I had early on with analog writing was my legibility and writing speed. [Read More]

Soap Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my soap preferences. My previous supplier went weird politically and seems to be forever out of stock on the soaps I use to get clean. I had to find an alternative. Enter Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve (link). They really saved me when it comes to bar soap and have become my primary source of soap over the last ~9-12 months. Currently I’m using the following products and I cannot complain. [Read More]

A riff on Bullet Journals

Figure 1: The Setup Riffing a monolog or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject or: break the rules and see if there is no spoon Bullet Journals (BuJo) The official Bullet Journal site (link) is a full, end to end system of organization. It’s been a huge hit in pen/paper circles for several years now. I read their documentation, tried “the system” and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. [Read More]

Analog Every Day Carries

Figure 1: The Kit The Humble Every Day Carry When I first went back to a pen and paper I discovered I never wanted to be without. Rain, snow or shine: pens, pencils and paper will be there for you. Day of night, power, no power too. These simple tools will ‘just work’. I’ve had phones and digital organizers fail because of drained batteries, getting wet and getting too warm or cold. [Read More]