Mobile and Cloud Gaming

For a few years now I’ve been trying to make mobile and cloud gaming an option for me…. I started writing this post with examples, information and more. Instead I’m going to put it quite simply: the game industry needs a clue bat to the head, a complete gutting of leadership and massive studios broken up (lol @ that thought given the Microsoft/Activision/Blizzard deal being approved). I’ve spent years fighting the inaccessible nature of mobile, cloud and PC gaming. [Read More]

Accessibility testing websites

I’ve never hid the fact I try to make my ‘stuff’ accessible for folks. It’s A Thing for me and I’ve spent considerable time working on this blog to maximize it’s utility and accessibility. I should be in generally good shape overall and I wanted to share a few links for how I pulled this off. I ran ARC Toolkit (link) as my first pass with WAVE (link) as a second pass. [Read More]