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Figure 1: The Controllers Changelog 2023-03-12 Controller: Add Scuff Instinct pro Controller: Add Kishi v2 Elite Series 2: Flip primary/shifted right stick main Elite Series 2 control config for smoother default motion with option to ’look fast’ if needed No Man’s Sky: Add in-game config Destiny 2 config: Re-jigger class and grenades such that there is less shoulder tapping/holds. This requires 4 paddles and is a direct reaction to the Strand Destiny element class Destiny 2 general: The 4 paddle requirement for Destiny is optional and the original config has been retained as it does work but is less efficient than the 4 paddle update below Destiny 2 in-game config: Update KemoNine configs to reflect changes once Strand launched in Destiny General: Cleanup config sections so they now collapse down for easier scanning and reading What Is Below I initially intended this post be a guide and review on getting controller gaming to be more accessible. [Read More]

Video Game Footage [Testing]

Video Download (Link)

You can download the file Here

This is the inagural video [test] of video, I was grinding the Excavation Site XIX in Destiny 2 and this is one my best runs while farming.

Video description: A very fast, flawless run of the Destiny 2 Excavation Site XIX lost sector on Legendary difficulty

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My Concern It’s not well known but I have a speech processing issue. I have a really hard time decyphering audio for voice communication. It’s so bad I rely on sub titles to watch video content with speech as well as read lips in meat space when with others. My problem works like this: my hearing is good (I hear noises just fine) but I cannot hear people speak in terms of words. [Read More]
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Satisfactory (A Game Review)

Figure 1: A screenshot of my day to day factory Full Disclosure I am not affiliated with any company, website, organization or similar behind the items in this post. I found the game Satisfactory through my Steam recommendation queue, thought it was worth trying and ended up playing it for a week. This post contains my personal thoughts and impressions. Just a human with some thoughts to share that are raw, uncut and outside influence free. [Read More]

Wireguard Saves The Day

Figure 1: The Hardware Let’s Set The Mood Lately I’ve been getting into more video games. I happen to prefer co-op video gaming with friends. I’m also a big fan of first person perspective games. There is one game in particular that’s been nothing but problematic for myself and my core group of friends that play co-op games with each other. We do the whole ‘just a few of us who are in it for fun’ gaming and prefer to have something that doesn’t require a hell of a lot of thought. [Read More]
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